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The company upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:
• Commitment
• Customer Value
• Teamwork
• Professionalism
• Flexibility / Adaptability
• Social Responsibility

Rising Cube

RisingCube Engineers and Planners was formed in 2018 Civil Engineering professionals in Guntur. Our primary objective is to provide Materials and Labor services to individual buildings, Commercial Complex, and apartments, in the efficient application of Civil Engineering works. RisingCube key activities comprise the supply, design and installation of all types of building Construction works. These include; Material, Labour, Building Planing, Building Approvals, Site Supervising works. Also Provides: general office stationery, General Commodities Supply, Hotels food and beverage, Home Equipments supply.

Rising Cube Office employs qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and years of experience to respond to today’s, challenging Civil and general/stationary work needs. Exceeding client satisfaction motivates Rising Cube Office team of staff.

Our Unique Services

Construction planning involves identifying all the required steps to build a structure, splitting them into defined activities, ordering these steps logically, and determining the necessary materials, manpower, and equipment.

In summary, construction refers to any project that involves coming up with a design for a structure at a certain location, and then putting together all the different elements to build that structure. Construction projects fall into three broad categories: Buildings and houses. Public works.

Elevation means the view of any building or other structure from any 1 of 4 sides showing features such as construction materials, design, height, dimensions, windows, doors, other architectural features, and the relationship of grade to floor level.

Interior commonly refers to the inside of something. When house hunting you might find that the outside of the house is run down, but the interior rooms beautifully renovated.

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